Spinal retractor systems with exceptional quality

NSI has created a robust product portfolio of spinal retractor systems with exceptional quality. Our objective is to uniquely integrate the elements of innovation, vision, and cost effectiveness, all working towards the common goal of improving patient care. 

Specializing in spinal retractor systems and related sugical devices; NSI offers streamlined product development, integrating leading technology, surgeon engagement, and state-of-the-art engineering. NSI products are designed to provide elegant surgical solutions for our surgeon customers, and improve patient outcomes.

    Carl Zeiss Meditec

    ZEISS is one of the world’s leading innovators in the design and development of medical devices. They create and supply cutting-edge technologies and application-oriented solutions for microsurgery.


    UFSK-International OSYS is the worldwide leading manufacturer of surgical tables and surgeons chairs for all specialties.


    Providing effective solutions for surgical fields with operating tables, neurosurgery, surgical instruments, and NIR imaging.


    Sterile, single use spinal and neurosurgical instruments and procedure sets critical to the successful outcome of surgical operations.

    Cuda Surgical

    Manufacturing the most brilliant lightsources, headlights and fiberoptic cables for the medical, dental and industrial fields worldwide.

    Barrier Technologies

    Radiation protection solutions company with innovative products that protect people from the harmful effects of scatter radiation.

    TOBRA Medical

    Tobra Medical is focused on delivering collection products that help improve patient outcomes with an economical value to the facility.


    Specializing in spinal retractor systems, and offers streamlined product development, integrating leading technology, surgeon engagement, and state-of-the-art engineering.

    Kogent Surgical

    Specializing in Microsurgical Instrumentation with over 40 years of design, manufacturing and quality control of microsurgical instrumentation.


    Otopront has been trusted and appreciated by ENT specialists for more than 70 years now evolving from a company with a primarily German customer base to a globally operating enterprise in more than 150 countries. 


    Transformative technology. Industry leading services. People-centered approach. Novarad's solutions help healthcare executives, clinicians and IT professionals deliver clinical, operational and fiscal excellence.


    The FusionMAX™ Spine Table is one table for lumbar and cervical procedures. With its flexibility and smaller footprint than other tables, it is an ideal solution for tighter ORs and ASCs.


    The CraniSeal Dural Sealant System uses hydrogel technology to achieve watertight closure and reduce the risk of cerebrospinal fluid leak following sutured dural repair

    Medical Grade Video Solutions

    Sony Medical

    Innovative medical products designed for use in stand-alone hardware applications or integrated into medical systems.


    Easy-to-use, powerful and affordable video recorders that connect to virtually any surgical camera system.


    Offering the latest in Hi-Definition Surgical Video Technologies

    TTI Medical

    Specializes in video and digital camera adaptation onto surgical microscopes, ophthalmic slit lamps, and endoscopes.

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