Varian TrueBeam Radiotherapy

Deliver precise dosage quickly and give patients their time back—the TrueBeam® radiotherapy system is built with human needs in mind. Designed to treat cancer wherever it’s found in the body, it’s flexible enough to meet your clinical needs as well.

Flexible treatment options
Provides a variety of treatment techniques such as HyperArc and RapidArc to address a broad range of cancer cases.

Advanced imaging
Respiration-synchronized MV/kV radiographs, 4D CBCT, Iterative CBCT, Triggered Imaging, and more.

High precision dosage control
Sub-millimeter accuracy ensures delivery conformality.

Streamlined treatments
Our proprietary Maestro synchronous control system enables seamless system operation.

Safe and reliable
Built-in patient safety features that allow clinicians to navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence.

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